Decorating your Mantel for the Holidays with Sadie and Instant Snow

Fake Snow Mantel Decoration
There's not much cozier than cuddling up by a fireplace at Christmastime, am I right? So why not make that space, that you're sure to spend hours staring at, pretty? Like many people, we have our tv mounted above the fireplace. I would absolutely prefer artwork, but there's nowhere else in that room to put it, and the sad truth is that we'd never hang out there without the old boob tube. So I have to Tim Gunn it and "make it work" even though that big black rectangle isn't exactly the prettiest thing to look at. I love switching...

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Creating a Festive Tablescape with Snow in Seconds Fake Snow

Instant Snow Tablescape Decoration
Now that Halloween is over, it seems everyone is moving straight to Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving. We've quickly lost interest in all things pumpkin, and now peppermint, Elf, Christmas Vacation, and egg nog are all the rage. I, for one, am ready. I thought it would be fun to put together a tablescape using Snow in Seconds. Pinterest is full of elaborate Christmas dinner set ups for 8+ people, so I decided a more intimate table would be a nice change of pace. I envision this as a breakfast-with-your-immediate-family-on-Christmas-morning table. Shopping my house, I only used things I already had. You...

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Snow in Seconds Passes the Test

We know we have the highest quality fake snow powder around and every-once-in-a-while a customer "dares to compare" Snow in Seconds with a knockoff. In this video Jeremy Harris from DC Productions does just that, and we win hands down! Don't settle for the Chinese knockoff powder, you won't be pleased with the slushy results. 

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New Snow in Seconds Website and Logo

New website on iPad
After 6 holiday seasons in the business we have completely revamped our entire website today. We even have a new logo! Several months in the making, the new website is faster and presents Snow in Seconds fake snow in a whole new way. Our new logo now shows off the fun nature of our product. Click around and check it out, we couldn't be prouder.

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TV Commercial Production

Spent all week in our studio working on our new Snow in Seconds fake snow commercial. Made buckets and buckets of snow. Can't wait to release it soon!

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