Creating a Festive Tablescape with Snow in Seconds Fake Snow

Now that Halloween is over, it seems everyone is moving straight to Christmas. Poor Thanksgiving. We’ve quickly lost interest in all things pumpkin, and now peppermint, Elf, Christmas Vacation, and egg nog are all the rage. I, for one, am ready.

I thought it would be fun to put together a tablescape using Snow in Seconds. Pinterest is full of elaborate Christmas dinner set ups for 8+ people, so I decided a more intimate table would be a nice change of pace. I envision this as a breakfast-with-your-immediate-family-on-Christmas-morning table. Shopping my house, I only used things I already had. You don’t have to spend a fortune to achieve something pretty! The plaid tablecloth is actually leftover wrapping paper from last year. I love the interest the plaid adds, but if someone spills (inevitable) it’s no big deal. Cheap, easy, but impactful. The snow makes it so authentic and really adds that Pottery Barn “wow” factor, don’t you think? And it’s so easy to whip up and sprinkle on. Bring on Christmas!