Helping Extreme Makeover Home Edition

When ABC contacted us for a donation we were ecstatic for the opportunity to help a family. The family in need was the Girard family of Voluntown, CT. Having lost their home to an electrical fire they were devastated, living in campers and with friends and family for months. Soon further tragedy stuck when father Tom and oldest son Mark drowned while swimming in a nearby lake. Mark had gone in to save his father and youngest sister Hannah but lost his battle with the current, however due to his efforts Hannah survived.

Hannah’s Room

During the interviews with the kids Hannah spoke of the nickname her father had for her, “Snow Flake” because she was born the same day as the first winter’s snow. She asked for a “snow princess” room in her new house. ABC and designer Page had big plans for Hannah’s room and so they contacted Snow in Seconds. Quickly we donated and shipped enough Snow in Seconds powder to make a whopping 1,000 gallons of fluffy white snow. In the end the designers created a large play box full of Snow in Seconds behind her bed and it went perfectly with the room they created. Hannah seemed very happy with the room and the snow brought a big smile to her face, which we were glad to be a part of.

Welcome Home Girard Family, Welcome Home!