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How does Snow in Seconds™ work?

The secret to Snow in Seconds™ is a synthetic polymer with super-absorbent properties. Each grain of powder instantly absorbs 100 times its size in water, making realistic fluffy fake snow without the mess.


Are all Instant Snows the same? No, We are Made in America

Beware of instasnow impostors and ziplock baggy knockoffs, Snow in Seconds™ is the original fake snow (Federal Trademark #77572110) and is the only instant snow that grows 100 times its size in just seconds with NO stirring, and will NOT turn into a gel like other brands. Other brands try to sell the same substance in baby diapers and industrial cleaning supplies as instasnow or instant snow, beware of these rip off sites. We have painstakingly refined our powder to produce only super realistic looking artificial snow. We are Made in America.


Mixing instructions:

Add 1/4 cup of water for each 1 teaspoon of Snow in Seconds™ powder. The secret is Snow in Seconds™ super-absorbing tiny sponge like properties. To reuse let snow dry completely and store in an airtight container.


How Long Does the Snow Last?

After several days your Snow in Seconds™ will start to dehydrate and eventually return to its original form. Snow in Seconds™ will dehydrate based on the amount of humidity that is in the environment. Snow in Seconds™ evaporates faster in a dry climate than in high levels of humidity. You can keep your Snow in Seconds™ displayed and looking fresh for as long as you wish by lightly spritzing it with water every couple days.

Is Snow in Seconds™ reusable?

Yes, when you are finished with your Snow in Seconds™ package the dry powder into your resealable bag and save it for later. Be sure that the water has completely evaporated out of your Snow in Seconds™ powder before storing.

Does it stay cold?

Yes, the process of evaporation constantly cools the snow. At first your Snow in Seconds™ will maintain the temperature of water that is used in the mixture. The colder the water, the cooler your Snow in Seconds™ will be.

Is the snow Non-Toxic?

Snow in Seconds™ is non-toxic, safe for kids and animals. It is also safe to use outside without damaging plants or grass.

How much do I need?

A little bit goes a long way. Snow in Seconds™ powder expands 100 times its original size when water is added. Remember, when the powder is mixed in small increments it is better able to reach its full expansion. The amount of fake snow in each package is measured by the gallons it will produce.

To better help you decide how many gallons of Snow in Seconds™ you need, use the equation; Width x Length x Desired Depth= Volume/.134 (Cubic Feet in a Gallon). This equals the amount of gallons you will need to cover your intended area. Refer to the Calculator about half way down our home page to help in deciding the amount of Snow in Seconds™ you will use.

How do you mix bulk snow? (Make a lot of snow at once)

Add a cup or more of Snow in Seconds™ powder to a large container. Then pour in water, mixing until the snow stops growing, or until you get a consistency you like. Using the maximum amount of water will yield the most realistic snow. Snow in Seconds™ powder will absorb a lot of water, keep adding and mixing until it no longer puffs up when new water is added. Over time the snow will shrink as the water evaporates out, you can mix more water in to puff it back up.


How do you clean up the snow?

Snow in Seconds™ is easy to clean. Sweep or vacuum the snow from any surface. Do not wash your snow down the sink, it will slow your drain. Do not use Snow in Seconds™ on untreated wood or it may absorb water from the snow. The mixture is slippery so be sure to use caution on any walking surface. If you are looking for a quick fix, table salt easily breaks down and dehydrates the mixture in just seconds.

Can I make colored snow?

To create amazing colored snow just add a few drops of food coloring to your water before mixing Snow in Seconds™. Your Snow in Seconds™ will take on the color as it erupts!

Other Fun Activities

Holiday Decoration

  • Scatter on or around Christmas tree
  • Sprinkle over coffee and end tables
  • Sprinkle on holiday villages and around your favorite figurines
  • Decorate holiday displays (indoor/outdoor)
  • Sprinkle the tips of your hanging wreaths with Snow in Seconds™
  • Surprise your guests! Line the walkway to your front door with Snow in Seconds™ while throwing a holiday party
  • Fill your empty flower pots or beds with Snow in Seconds™ for extra holiday decoration
  • Hand out Snow in Seconds™ as a party favor to your guest at your next holiday gathering

Rainy Day with the Kids
  • Fill the bath tub and splash around in Snow in Seconds™
  • Sensory activities, develop children's skills
  • Fill glass bottles or jars with colorful Snow in Seconds™ and make vibrant (non-permanent) decorations
  • Make snow angels on the kitchen floor with easy to clean Snow in Seconds™
  • Put on a magic show, demonstrating all your new tricks

Hot Summer Days
  • Fill your kiddie pool and soak in the cool Snow in Seconds™
  • Scare your neighbors into thinking January came early this year
  • Surprise your guest at the next barbecue and decorate your deck with Snow in Seconds™
  • Throw a red, white, and blue colored Snow in Seconds™ 4th of July party for all your friends

Make Colored Snow
  • Just add food coloring to the water before mixing Snow in Seconds™
  • Make your Snow in Seconds™ pop with vibrant colors (the more coloring you add the brighter the snow will be)
  • Make wild shapes and flowers with colorful snow
  • Use red and green food coloring for Christmas time all around the house
  • Add a small amount of food coloring to your Snow in Seconds™ to make pastels and sprinkle over your Easter decorations for a spring time feel
  • Color your Snow in Seconds™ black and orange and scatter for a scary effect during October
  • Use green, environmentally friendly Snow in Seconds™ to decorate for a "Go Green" party during Earth week
  • Amaze and surprise your Valentine with rose petals floating in pink and red Snow in Seconds™
  • The Irish will go wild at your next Saint Patrick's Day celebration when they see your green Snow in Seconds™
  • Sprinkle brown, orange and red Snow in Seconds™ around your Thanksgiving feast! Give your holiday a festive feel

Science Experiments
  • Use Snow in Seconds™ to demonstrate osmosis (water absorption and the ability to expand 100 times its size)
  • Demonstrate how Snow in Seconds™ is a physical reaction, NOT a chemical reaction (returns to original form-unchanged)
  • Discuss the super-absorbent polymers that can help to clean oil spills or other disasters
  • Use Snow in Seconds™ to create a realistic and wintry school project
  • Instead of lava erupting from your self-made volcano, surprise the classroom with and exploding avalanche of Snow in Seconds™
  • Enter the science fair and show how different levels of humidity effects evaporation
  • Demonstrate how meteorologists compare the mass of rain to snow, using "liquid-water equivalent"
  • Use Snow in Seconds™ to teach the classroom measurement conversions

Make Snowmen
  • Freeze Snow in Seconds™ to make it moldable like real snow
  • Create shapes with this fun and formable mixture
  • Put your Snow in Seconds™ into cut-out cookie sheets and get fascinating perfect figures

  • Shoot amazing pictures with a realistic snowy background
  • Snow in Seconds™ non-toxic formula prevents any harm to models or wildlife on a shoot or set
  • Broadway shows, movie sets and indoor ski resorts have all started using fake snow

Therapy for the body and the mind
  • Use Snow in Seconds™ as your new favorite stress ball
  • Strengthen your hand muscles and improve circulation

Snow in Seconds™ Heat/Ice Packs

Heat Pack
  • Mix 10 ounces of water with each teaspoon of Snow in Seconds™ in a sealed bag
  • Warm your Snow in Seconds™ heat pack in the microwave for 20 to 30 seconds and stir
  • Always wrap the heat pack in a towel to protect your skin

Ice Pack
  • Add two to five ounces of rubbing alcohol (Isopropyl) to your ice pack
  • Place in freezer until desired temperature is reached (The alcohol will prevent the ice pack from freezing)
  • Do not place cold pack containing rubbing alcohol into the microwave
  • Always wrap the ice pack in a towel to protect your skin