Frozen Party Packages with Frozen Favors

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FROZEN party packages come with a bulk bag of powder and 20 (or 10) Frozen party favor pouches. Each party favor pouch is foil (not zip lock baggies like other companies) and makes a great give away! All package orders includes FREE 2-3 day shipping in the US. Snow in Seconds™ is tried and tested with years of satisfied customers.

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Available Bulk Sizes and Coverage

Size Price Coverage Cubic Footage
 40 Gallon
+ 20 Frozen Favors
$99.99 4ft kiddie pool
2-3in deep
4.2 cubic feet
 65 Gallon
+ 20 Frozen Favors
$129.99 6ft kiddie pool
3in deep
10 cubic feet
130 Gallon
+ 20 Frozen Favors
$199.99 10ft x 12ft
3in deep
20 cubic feet
200 Gallon
+ 20 Frozen Favors
$229.99 30x12ft
1in deep
30 cubic feet
300 Gallon
+ 40 Frozen Favors
$399.99 20x25ft
1in deep
40 cubic feet


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Bowl of Fake Snow

Grows 100X its size

Non toxic and safe

Super realistic, stays cold

Fun activity for kids

Perfect for decorating

Makes a great gift


How to make fake snow

How does Snow in Seconds™ work?

The secret is Snow in Seconds™ synthetic polymer with super-absorbing "tiny sponge" properties. It is safe, non-toxic, and will "erupt" into snow when you add water - Instantly! Snow in Seconds™ is realistic; it is used on indoor ski resorts, in broadway shows, and by movie makers to create realistic easy to clean snow on set. Snow in Seconds™ makes it easy for you to bring the high tech powder used by professionals in movies into your home affordably! Beware of impostors, Snow in Seconds™ (Federal Trademark Registration #77572110) is the only instant snow that grows 100 times its size in just seconds, and will NOT turn into a gell like other brands. Other brands try to sell the same substance in baby diapers as instant snow, beware of these rip off sites.

After mixing your Snow in Seconds™ you can place it in the freezer for 45-60 minutes and make snowmen. The cooled Snow in Seconds™ molds like real snow!

Snow in Seconds™ is safe to use outside without damaging plants or grass. Sprinkle the hydrated Snow in Seconds™ on evergreen trees to give your home a realistic snow effect for the Holidays.