Ultra Realistic Fake Snow

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  • Looks & Feels Real but won't melt
  • Karina Kurzawa makes snow in seconds
  • Just add water animated gif
  • Makes the best cloud slime

How Does Snow in Seconds work?

Snow in Seconds fake snow is a powder with super-absorbing “tiny sponge” properties. It is safe, non-toxic, and will “erupt” into snow when you add water – Instantly! Each grain of powder instantly absorbs 100 times its size in water, making realistic fluffy fake snow without the mess. Snow in Secondsis long laster, never melts and is so realistic it is cold to the touch! It is used at ski resorts, in photo shoots, and by movie makers to create realistic easy to clean snow. Snow in Seconds makes it easy for you to bring the high tech powder used by professionals in movies into your home affordably!

  • Made in the USA
  • Safe and Non Toxic
  • In Stock with Fast Shipping
  • Makes a Great Gift

Everything 25% OFF & Free Shipping over $35