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Snow in Seconds on Shark Tank - Behind the Scenes Part 1

Snow in Seconds on Shark Tank - Behind the Scenes Part 1

Recently, Snow in Seconds had the incredible opportunity to appear on ABC's "Shark Tank," and I can't begin to express how truly amazing the entire experience was. From the initial stages of the process to the actual pitch, it was an unforgettable journey that I'll cherish forever. So, where should I even begin? Initially, when I received the news that I had been shortlisted, I embarked on a mission to refine and perfect my pitch throughout the entire summer. One particularly memorable moment in this process was when I found myself crafting the final draft while leisurely floating on the lake with my wife, Margi, by my side. Her invaluable input and unwavering support consistently keep me grounded and inspired.

To be completely honest, I was hesitant to let myself believe that this surreal opportunity was actually happening until the moment I landed in Los Angeles and made my way to the studio. I've always had a tendency to lean towards pessimism or realism, but this time, luck was undeniably on my side – "Shark Tank" was real, and I was about to step onto that iconic set.

As someone who had avidly watched "Shark Tank" for 15 years, I couldn't help but pause and take in the moment when I first set foot on the set. The hallway, the imposing doors, the iconic shark chairs, and, of course, the very carpet from which I would deliver my pitch – it was all there, right in front of me.

Surprisingly, I managed to find a sense of calm within me as I prepared to shoot my pitch. Despite the anticipation and the pressure, I wasn't overly nervous. I knew that, regardless of what the sharks might say or how the pitch would unfold, this was an authentically once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stay tuned for the continuation of this incredible journey...

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